Sandra Muller, a French journalist , is named one of the Person of Year by Time Magazine 

She also was recognized one of Heroes 2017 by President Emmanuel Macron 

•As the Weinstein affair took off, journalist Sandra Muller launched #BalanceTonPorc on Twitter on October 13th


•An unprecedented movement was born in France, escalating on a global level through. 2 days later , the Metoo movement was launched in USA . 

In January 2018 she is being sued for defamation by a man she accused of sexual harassment.

She accused former television boss Eric Brion of making a sexually inappropriate advance toward her.

She created #balancetonporc, or « rat on your pig », or “squeal on your pig” which has been used to share stories thousands of times.

In a piece for French newspaper Le Monde in December, he apologised for making the crude remark , but said there was a need for « truth and nuance » amid the wave of accusations

She alleges he is claiming 140,000 euros in damages for defamation, plus legal costs.

•Many personalities have lent their support to the movement, from the highest levels of State government to pressure groups, through philosophers, artists, intellectuals and members of the general public.


•Sandra Muller has set up the We Work Safe NGO in order to organize and ensure continuity for the movement.

As a writer , she published a book in October 2018 #balancetonporc where she explained what happens in one year as a victim. This book gives us keys on ways to fight sexual and establishes a comparison between the U.S and France. It also gives us data on the harassment phenomenon to highlight the importance of the issue. It fights for the betterment of our society.